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William Michael Forbes - Life Coach / Spiritual Medium

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to William Michael Forbes. William’s unusual connection to the other side was forged by a traumatic life’s journey. After a difficult birth into an impoverished family, hopes for a brighter future were jeopardized by sexual abuse, which led him down the path of addiction from a young age. During his darkest night of the soul he stood atop a bridge ready to end his life, but what he now comes to recognize as his Guardian Angel, had other plans. Its voice gave William the strength to step back off the ledge and turn himself onto a new path. William now uses his connection to help his clients navigate their own troubled paths by communing with their own Guardian Angels, deceased love ones and other multidimensional beings. A respected spiritual medium and intuitive life coach in his own right, William’s work has been commended in print media as well as on television and radio. How to Kill Suicide (With Reason to Live) is not only William’s code for wellbeing but also the title of his book, which helps those troubled with suicidal thoughts see the light. William’s clients come to him with a range of issues such as marriage breakdown and addiction, knowing who better to help them than someone who has walked through the fire?

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