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Ryan Crownholm - Serial Entrepreneur and U.S. Army Veteran

Ryan Crownholm - Serial Entrepreneur and U.S. Army Veteran

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Ryan Crownholm. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur; with a career spanning various industries, from construction to technology and beyond. A U.S. Army veteran with a background in construction as a former Class A General Engineering Contractor, Ryan has built a reputation for developing business models that not only promise but deliver immediate and sustainable returns. His expertise in identifying viable business concepts, assembling high-performing teams, and crafting strategies for customer attraction and profitability has made him a sought-after mentor and consultant.

Ryan's entrepreneurial spirit is matched by his commitment to mentorship, guiding a diverse group of individuals including entrepreneurs, CEOs, veterans, and those with past incarcerations. His mission is to champion "insubordinate entrepreneurship," aiming to reshape the landscape for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

At the helm of Crown Capital Adventures Inc. since 2014, and co-founder of, Ryan leverages his expertise to connect contractors, homeowners, and companies in the construction industry., another venture founded in 2015, simplifies the permitting process for property owners with its drafting services. Beyond his businesses, Ryan fights for entrepreneurship through legal battles against restrictive laws, and as a consultant, he empowers CEOs to lead through metrics.

Ryan's dedication extends to mentoring diverse communities, aiming to share his years of experience to benefit others. He advocates for a change in how founders interact with funding, the regulatory environment for entrepreneurs, and the perception of veterans and incarcerated individuals. A member of several prestigious networks and featured in multiple publications and podcasts, Ryan continues to inspire with his insubordinate approach to entrepreneurship.

Ryan is the author of "The Hustle Trap", a compelling read that challenges the conventional glorification of relentless work and the pursuit of success at any cost. Through insightful analysis and personal anecdotes, Crownholm deconstructs the often romanticized 'hustle culture,' advocating for a more balanced approach to entrepreneurship and life. The book encourages readers to escape the trap of constant hustling, which can lead to burnout and personal sacrifice, and instead, to embrace efficiency, mindfulness, and strategic planning as tools for achieving sustainable success. Crownholm's narrative is not just a critique but a practical guide, offering strategies for entrepreneurs to optimize their time, prioritize their well-being, and achieve their goals without compromising their health or happiness. "The Hustle Trap" is an essential read for anyone caught in the cycle of perpetual work, seeking to find a harmonious balance between ambition and personal fulfillment.

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