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Wayne Altman - Founder of Melody Clouds

Wayne Altman - Founder of Melody Clouds

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Wayne Altman. Wayne is an entrepreneur and founder of Melody Clouds. After suffering from tinnitus and looking for a relief to all the noise he kept experiencing as a result of this illness, Wayne became aware of binaural beats in 2018.

He started listening to different types of sounds, and music and after some time he noticed that the only time he does not experience extreme ringing in both ears is when he can listen to various music selections and give himself a respite from the noise. He joined several different subscription sites that have become popular, but none of them were worth the money to him. Either they were far too expensive or had sparse content. He had to try to figure out something better.

He finally found the way to help anyone who has the same condition by collecting tracks from producers all over the world in dozens of different styles to suit any taste in music. Finding these amazing results made him think about introducing more beats to people who want to have a better focus, who wants to take a break from the day to day rush and just feel relaxed and calm to enjoy the present moment, for all those parents out there trying to calm their kids from being upset or cranky, people who love to meditate and even for the ones who love reading and being read to, and more. Now Melody Clouds has 8000 hours of Solfeggio, Binaural Beats, Guided Meditation, and 16,967 audiobooks all designed to relax and educate and translated into over 100 different languages, and its membership spans across the globe. Wayne currently owns multiple online businesses all designed to enrich the lives of his customers and his community.

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