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Su Orosa - Mental Health and Wellness Coach

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Su Orosa. Su breathes life into people thanks to a life packed full of experience, good and bad. Born in Manchester to parents fleeing a dictatorship back in Spain, Su had one foot in this country and another in the shadow of her motherland. With Spanish being her first language, Su felt a little out of place with her English peers. This led to her sense of self being sacrificed in the pursuit of fitting in and getting by. It took heartbreak in her 20’s to shake her back to her most authentic self. Her trials and journeys both physical and emotional have shaped her ambition.

To begin helping others burst out of their shell, to stop living half-lives and be who they truly are is Su’s calling in life. She has strengthened her resolve and life experiences with formal education and training in voluntary and professional clinical settings. Through coaching and counseling sessions, workshops and wellness retreats, Su empowers women when they find themselves unmotivated and without purpose.

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