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Silja Thor - Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor & Speaker

Alex Montoya - Motivational Speaker on the Road to Growth Podcast

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Silja Thor. Silja is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker & author who helps her clients build successful and profitable businesses without sacrificing their personal lives. She works with online entrepreneurs, who are doing well but are ready for growth, to help them sharpen their offering and work out smarter ways to attract their ideal clients.

Many of the people Silja works with are feeling overwhelmed, working long hours to try to make their business a success. But they are no longer willing to sacrifice what matters most to them, so Silja helps them leave the overwhelm behind and build highly profitable businesses which are The number nine plays a very significant role in Silja’s life. Not only is it her lucky number, but she has started nine businesses while living in nine different countries. She decided to become a business mentor when she became a mother to her daughter India and realised she needed a better work-life balance. At the time, she was the CEO and co-founder of a successful business but she was spending so much time working, she felt like she was missing out on her daughter’s childhood.

Silja made the tough decision to step down as CEO and give away her shares in the company before setting up as a business mentor. She now helps other people to find a better balance between their career and personal life so they don’t feel the same way she did.

Her areas of expertise include establishing the right foundations for a business (offering, messaging, positioning and pricing), client attraction, avoiding overwhelm through lifestyle design and creating a money mindset. She helps her client align every part of their business with their zone of genius to set the stage for massive growth.

Silja is also co-author of The Power of Reinvention, a book which guides readers through first-person narratives that are sure to inspire them, and all in the hope that they’ll come away feeling equipped to go after their dreams.

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