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Paul Garcin - Co-founder of The Untapped Real Estate Market

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Paul Garcin. Paul is the Co-founder of The Untapped Real Estate Market. Before that he had sold out inventory in a variety different fields from industrial excavators to V8-powered muscle cars, hedge fund services to movies tickets, premium French wine & Champagne to BBQs.

Here is why: He is a number fanatic and loves diving into Automation and Data Mining. After graduating with a B.Sc. Math and MSc in Information Systems at 21, he worked in different places in the world. He has lowered the manufacturing costs of a nano-sized semiconductors fab plant, revamped the data management platform of a Fortune 500 company and set up a monitoring platform for nuclear power plants in France. His focus has now shifted to helping mortgage brokers generate a steady flow of high quality leads, with high loan amounts.

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