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Melinda Kruse DiPerna - San Diego Based Realtor

Melinda Kruse DiPerna - San Diego Based Realtor

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Melinda Kruse DiPerna. Melinda came to real estate and San Diego California after many successful and interesting stops along the way. These unique experiences and varied careers make her exceptionally skilled at needs analysis for her clients and creating effective plans to reach their individual goals. Melinda brings passion, integrity, expertise, and skills to every client she serves.

Melinda started as a Chemist and had a successful career in technical marketing and Fortune 100 firms before choosing to stay home and raise her daughters. That time as a stay at home mom did more for her negotiation skills than her MBA or sales training. It’s those years of relocating from NH to MA, to Orange County CA, to Chicago IL, to the OC again, to North San Diego, and finally to central San Diego that form the foundation of compassion that make her excel with relocating clients, specifically active duty military and C-level executives. Not one to sit still, Melinda, eventually found her way into real estate as an investor in long and short term rentals, before Airbnb was a thing. She founded and ran a successful vacation rental brokerage in North Coastal San Diego and Palm Desert CA and vowed “she’d never sell real estate” based on early experiences selling specialty chemicals. After the great recession, Melinda, tired of the hospitality industry (short term rentals are financially real estate investments, but they truly are hospitality businesses), entered the real estate business selling residential real estate and found her next love with the help of Keller Williams Realty.

Melinda is a Luxury Coastal real estate expert, a Military Relocation Professional, and a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist. After just 8 years in the business, she is a respected top agent in the county and a sought after instructor and coach. Melinda’s business is primarily repeat and referral, so as a result she sells all of San Diego County, wherever her clients need her. Her sharp intellect and frank, problem solving style allow her to work at a high level on her clients’ behalf throughout the area.

When Melinda isn’t selling homes and talking real estate she enjoys traveling, everything in and on the water, spending time with those young adult daughters, her never ending house guests, and the animals that seem to live there.

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