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Marnie Schneider - Inspirational Speaker, Author & Philanthropist

Updated: Jan 5

Marnie Schneider - Inspirational Speaker, Author & Philanthropist

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Marnie Schneider. Marnie is a CEO, inspirational speaker, author, philanthropist, and best of all daughter and mom. A Philadelphia native now living in the Carolinas, she consistently devotes her time and resources to help others achieve their own victory. Marnie thinks of this as “showing up” on life’s playing field, with positivity and energy, day in and day out.

Marnie’s passion for sports shines through in her book series, Gameday in the USA (Gameday). The series is in the Top 100 Kids Sports Travel books by Amazon. Writing the stories has been her way of giving back to the many great football communities across the nation. The series includes 8 books that focus on a city and its football team. It follows lovable characters, Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog, and the rich history and culture of each city they visit. In 2021, she did a virtual book reading during the Super Bowl at the Ronald McDonald House in Tampa Bay, Florida which is an annual event in the Super Bowl host city. Marnie travels all over the country doing book readings at schools, first-responder events, youth sports clubs and businesses.

Marnie finds inspiration from her family. Her grandfather, Leonard Tose, who was the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and also founded the Ronald McDonald House. Also, Marnie’s Mom, Susan Tose Spencer, was the first female GM of an NFL team. She was also their legal counsel and VP. Their dedication to family, charity, and sports taught Marnie the importance of giving back, something she has carried forward into her career in the nonprofit sector. She has received honors for her time and attention spent raising money for the Ronald McDonald House, Alzheimer’s Association, and the Keep on Playing Foundation. To this day she remains very active with the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte and is on their board.

Marnie’s pride is her three kids—Jonathan, Goldie and Leo. Marnie's experience with her first son, Jonathan (22 years old now) having neuroblastoma opsoclonus as a young child taught her much about the importance of an extended family and support. She is taking care of her mom who was recently diagnosed with dementia. Marnie has a heart for animals and has two rescue dogs and her handsome pony, Billy.

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