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Jan Barlow - CEO and Founder of Better Job Fit, Inc. Host of Her Nexx Chapter’s program, “Her Own B

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Jan Barlow. Jan has over two decades of global business development and job-placement experience ranging from the corridors of Capitol Hill, the front lines of the healthcare industry and nationally recognized college campuses, Jan is recognized as being on the cutting edge utilizing artificial intelligence, psychology, and quantum science to position people in their strengths.

With an impressive track record in public speaking, training, sales, and marketing, in 2009, Jan left the top ranks of an international pharmaceutical leader to launch her consulting firm, strategically training and coaching individuals and groups in job fit. While surveying and analyzing scientific results of individual behavior traits and their influence on corporate innovation, team dynamics and employee turnover, Jan found that true diversity extends beyond the external and physical to the differences we can’t see and trademarked Behavior Diversity™. Facilitating unique and transformational experiences, clients learn the respect of “Deference” over focusing on “Difference”; bridging behavior ‘resistance gaps’ that reduce potentially distorted perceptions of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment and increases organizational innovation, engagement, and retention.

As Jan’s desire to help others create dynamic change grew into her life’s purpose, she transitioned her company into a 501(c)3 organization. As a celebrated advocate and committed to social justice, Jan counsels the Veteran and Foster Care populations, partnering with companies to create customized internships and permanent placements, scientifically matching their strengths to an employers’ open positions.

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