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Graeme Carling & Leanne Carling - Founders of Carling Group - Equity Investors

Graeme Carling & Leanne Carling - Founders of Carling Group - Equity Investors

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Graeme Carling. Graeme is a true business success story. From humble upbringings v. Those early experiences ignited a spark in Graeme who would go on to work his way into well-paid managerial positions, but it was never enough. Graeme always wanted to work for himself, and in spite of his initial failed forays into business ownership, he was always destined for entrepreneurialism. With three failed businesses under his belt, Graeme found himself at a pretty low ebb, licking his wounds. It was at this time Graeme happened to catch the end of an Oprah Winfrey show with Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki, which led to him committing to his own financial education. He even roped in his new girlfriend (and eventual wife) Leanne, by gifting her a copy of Kim Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Woman.

After a while, with their first child together on the way, Graeme and Leanne quit their jobs, on the same day, with modest savings in the bank to survive for the next six months, and set about building their empire together. Graeme and Leanne would spend the next 15 years, working, learning, and traveling together, as they built a business portfolio spanning multiple sectors and international locations, worth millions of pounds. With vision, commitment, and relentless effort, they’ve taken their place amongst the entrepreneurial success stories, though to them…it was never in doubt.

With an unrivalled track record for sourcing acquisitions and creative deal- making, Leanne Carling has grown group business, Carling Property Group into the largest privately-owned landlord in Scotland. She brings vast experience in consolidating fragmented sectors to her role as Mergers & Acquisitions Director of investment company United Capital. Leanne’s work ethic, energy for the next opportunity, and unique female voice in the fragmented markets space, make her an absolute expert in deal making, negotiating, and investments.

Over the last two decades, Leanne has been a driving force in more than 1,000 real estate portfolio acquisition transactions, with a value of circa £200million. The rapid growth of Carling Property Group is testament to Leanne’s talent for sourcing potential acquisitions that no-one else has identified, and buying at the right price to maximise eventual sale value. As Mergers & Acquisitions Director Leanne identifies, manages, and negotiates M&A activity to its completion. Leanne’s ability to source opportunities and construct deals that work for both buyer and seller is second to none, and is in large part responsible for delivering United Capital’s strategic goals. Leanne has delivered large-scale buy-and-build strategies across multiple sectors and her meticulous approach to deal sourcing and pipeline/ opportunity management has been instrumental to the success of the group.

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