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Genie Irish - Compass Realtor

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Genie Irish. As a San Diego native and first generation American, hard work was introduced to her at a very young age. This instilled the fundamental importance of saving, earning and honesty. It also created a fondness with all things real estate for her. The value of homeownership resides with her and she know what a property is worth to a family. Her career began at the age of 22 as an assistant to a top producer here in San Diego County. She began her own business in 2013 after 10+ years assisting and partaking in over 700 transactions. Since starting on her own, She has earned the recognition ranking in the top 5% in the county since 2014. In 2018 she was ranked in the top 2%.

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