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Dan Sykes - Founder of the Somatic Training Network

Dan Sykes - Founder of the Somatic Training Network

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Dan Sykes. Dan is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, bodyworker, and founder of the Somatic Training Network, a company dedicated to learning and sharing somatic arts and practices from around the world.

Dan has studied somatic arts with instructors all over the world and earned the titles of Systema Bodywork Instructor and Martial Arts Instructor under Grand Master Mikhail Ryabko and Master Instructor Vladimir Vasiliev. He is in his fourth year of the Feldenkrais Method Professional Practitioner Programme, and has studied Yoga assisting, Anatomy Trains, Wheel of Consent, and Somatic Consent.

Dan built and runs the world's only world class recording studio that is also a video production center and somatic arts training center, in which he records his fast-growing Podcast, Somatic Fanatic. Dan has also just released his first book 'Somatic Fanatic'.

Adventurous, authentic and dynamic, Dan is a self-improvement fanatic, passionate about helping people maximize their lives!

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