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Andrea MacKenzie - Founder of Lead With Harmony

Larry Nolan - CEO of Hardcore Fitness

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Andrea MacKenzie. Andrea is a hiring strategist and team and leadership development expert who helps growth-oriented small business owners and executives hire, develop, and lead their teams towards higher performance, lower stress, and stronger leadership. She brings her 20+ years in corporate roles and consulting, that spans almost every business function and size – from small businesses to Fortune 500s - to her unique approach to serving her clients.

As an MBA, Certified Professional Coach, and award-nominated Kolbe-CertifiedTM consultant, her approach combines elements of business consulting, leadership coaching, experiential learning, and specialized assessments that help her clients drive towards the change they desire most. With a first-hand understanding of team success factors, she helps clients use their unique strengths and leadership styles to overcome challenges such as competing goals, conflicting work styles, differences in values, and other disruptive energy, in order to improve productivity, effectiveness, and well-being.

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