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Richard Fletcher - CEO of Magic Sauce Marketing

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Richard Fletcher. Just over a year ago, Richard was in a steady job living a comfortable life in the North of England with his beloved wife and cats. He was content, and that’s what mattered to him. However, unforeseen circumstances led to him being made unemployed without any warning. This turn could have been devastating for him and his family, but he had his diamond in the rough. Forging ahead without a livable income, Richard poured his new found time and passion into to a new opportunity – helping people grow their online coaching businesses. After weeks of graft and polishing, the diamond was shining, as was Richards smile. Within weeks Richard was earning more than ever before. At present, it’s not unusual for him to earn between 20-33k in a single week. He values any opportunity to encourage others in the UK to insure themselves against such a crisis he and his family faced. His story embodies that some side projects can feed your heart, such as his voluntary work at the cat shelter, and others can feed your family.

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