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Nick Klingensmith - Cancer Survivor and Speaker

Nick Klingensmith - Cancer Survivor and Speaker

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Nick Klingensmith. After being thrown out of a Las Vegas hotel in a drunken haze, jeopardizing his career and relationships, Nick Klingensmith had to make a change. A 4 - time cancer survivor, type - I diabetic, recovering alcoholic with herniated discs, nerve damage and sleep apnea, he defies it all when he finds Obstacle Course racing. Refusing to accept his limitations, he's completed over 100 Spartan Races, 6 Major Marathons, several Ultras and scores of other obstacle and endurance events.

As someone who has walked the path of a sales professional, Nick is an expert in propelling other achievements - driven professionals and leaders to overcome fear and rejection and push past self - limiting doubts, by inspiring them to take purposeful action towards their goals. Nick is a raw and passionate storyteller who holds nothing back when revealing who he used to be and the person he is now. A true testament to the power of resilience, with an unwavering belief in his purpose to overcome obstacles and inspire others to do the same, Nick delivers powerful and transformative speeches, drawing from personal experience to illustrate the extradentary potentially of pushing through adversity.

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