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Kerry Lutz - Serial Entrepreneur

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Kerry Lutz. Kerry is a recovering attorney and serial entrepreneur. He worked in the legal system for over 40 years and has gained vital experience that can help be the difference between your success or failure. A veteran podcaster with over 7 years experience and 5000+ episodes under his belt, he's written 4 books. The latest Viral Podcasting: A Proven Process to Earn a 6 Figure Income from your Show is an Amazon bestseller and regarded as the bible to monetizing a podcast. (With Contributions by noted Radio Consultant and Author Valerie Geller).

Lutz is irreverent, but always respectful, funny with a serious side and there to answer any questions from you or your audience on a broad range of topics. A lifetime New Yorker, he ventured down to Palm Beach County in 2012 and has never looked back. 

When he's not podcasting or advising clients, he can be found traveling around the globe, sampling the latest haute cuisine and sampling the abundance of wines from around the globe. 

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