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Elena Armijo - Opera Singer Turned Professional Certified Coach

Alex Montoya - Motivational Speaker on the Road to Growth Podcast

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Elena Armijo. Elena, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator has a strong track record of supporting clients and organizations in creating impact, culture shifts and leadership development. Her unique ability to identify common patterns while generating new awareness and re-invention leaves clients with the ability to make stronger choices, clearer decisions and powerful steps toward their desired outcomes. Elena offers in-depth and customized executive programs for high performers who are at the top of their respective fields – from CEOs of leading businesses, to professional athletes, policy-focused individuals, entertainers and artists, and more. Partnering with Elena, these clients have created and achieved the professional and personal impact in the world they once perceived unattainable. As a leader and trainer with Accomplishment Coaching© and CHIEF Core Guide Facilitator, Elena continues to expand her work with teams across the world

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