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Chris Felton - Owner and Founder of Couples Money

Chris Felton - Owner and Founder of Couples Money

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Chris Felton. Chris is a Founder and Principal of his own financial services business, which he started in 1999. He leads and trains hundreds of agents across the United States and they have helped thousands of people learn how money works and experience financial relief. He’s a top agent in his company out of tens of thousands of agents in North America. He has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Market Watch,, Yahoo Finance, US News and World Report and is a top leader in one of the largest financial services firms in the United States. Chris is Co-Author of Couples Money, a book which he wrote with his wife Marlow which explains how they were able to quadruple their business in a few short years during the great recession and overcome serious financial struggles. They share their money secrets as well as those of the numerous financially independent business owners they interviewed in the book. People have discovered how to overcome financial limitations in a simple, no nonsense approach that has worked for many. Chris & Marlow are also Amazon Best Selling Authors of Prosperity Factor, Co-Authored with Joe Vitale.

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