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Ana Caramujo - Owner of Savvy Cat Realty - Portugal Real Estate

Ana Caramujo - Owner of Savvy Cat Realty - Portugal Real Estate

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Ana Caramujo. Savvy Cat Realty started with one person and one mission: to make the real estate market in Portugal work more fairly. It started because she, Ana , had a need and a goal. She will give you a bit of a back story: Her family is tightly connected to real estate investing, going back to her great grandfather on her mother’s side and her great uncle on her father’s side, which means she has been unconsciously involved in it ever since she can remember. She was also blessed with a father that always tried to include her in the family business and managing, long before she even appreciated it. At 14 she was already helping choose materials and designs for renovations, even participating in meetings with engineers and architects. Most of her families properties are old, rented, and undermanaged, her father was aware of this but did not believe he had the profile to deal with it, but he believed she did. Right after university he started asking her to develop projects and find solutions for family properties, and so she did. She developed a project for a Rural Charm Hotel alongside him, and started getting more involved in the rental properties management (renovations, contracts, terminations, etc). She will go through her full story in the podcast.

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