Truly San Diego: Golden Hill

Golden Hill

Perched on a Victorian-littered hillside illuminated by the afternoon sun, Golden Hill is among San Diego’s coolest neighborhoods. Art studios, coffee shops, local pizzerias and the Turf Club. Life is good here.

I can recall many long days of studying at Influx, running at Golden Hill Park or having cocktails on my friend’s downtown-facing deck. A hot pink sunset created the perfect backsplash for my city life. While the hills can be menacing, destinations are abundant for urban hikers ready for a short trek. Balboa Park’s museums are just a bike ride away.

I recall driving down the hill towards the East Village one day. Just before turning onto my friend’s street, a glimmer of blue caught my eye. Two peacocks were perched side-by-side on a fence. This close to the San Diego Zoo, it was easy to imagine they had escaped. Surely someone must have called someone to rescue them. Well, I came to find out that these two also resided on my friend’s street. The peacocks roamed freely through the day, only to jump up to the roof of the house across the way, where they slept on the chimney at night. It was a regular occurrence, the peacocks’ silhouette layered in front of the San Diego skyline. One day the peacocks were gone, but nearly every time I’m in Golden Hill I think of those peacocks… truly San Diego

Recommended: Eat & Drink: Counterpoint (830 25th St), Turf Super Club (1116 25th St); Pizzeria: Pizzeria Luigi (1137 25th St); Coffee: Krakatoa Cafe (1128 25th St), Influx Cafe (1948 Broadway), Dark Horse Coffee Roasters (811 25th St)

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