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Steven Wilcox - Founder of PARKIT

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Steven Wilcox. After graduating from business college Steve worked in marketing for global action sports brands like Oakley and Quicksilver--a great match for his interests. But he found corporate life restrictive and--there's no other way to say this--a waste of time and effort. He was inspired to blaze his own trail as an entrepreneur. His first product, the Voyager Chair, is in production now, having been fully financed ($500k+) through crowdfunding--in fact, his first manufacturing run had to be doubled because of the interest he received!

He has always had a severe case of the travel bug and a love for adventures in the great outdoors. He founded PARKIT in the fall of 2017 with the goal of conquering the annoying but imperative conundrum of building the perfect outdoor chair. He knew that to be successful, an amazing new design was just the first step. He also had to come up with a way to launch and market the chair while creating a loyal customer base in the somewhat established outdoor goods market. His team and him went to work to design the ultimate camping chair.

With each prototype, they field-tested and refined every design feature to make sure the product they built lived up to the demands of the outdoors and the comfort of its users. But just designing the greatest outdoor chair on earth wasn't the end of their success story--our marketing and launch plan for the Voyager chair had to be foolproof and inexpensive to allow them to make significant inroads in the market. They successfully used crowdfunding to finance their initial manufacturing run AND create a market for it. Since before launching PARKIT, he has been building Shopify websites for clients all across the country. He helped their businesses build strong customer interfaces that share the right information and focus on a seamless brand experience every step of the way. That experience gives him a great edge in building PARKIT and marketing the Voyager chair.

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