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Lorna Watkinson - Founder & CEO of Vibrant Thinking #virtual

Alex Montoya - Motivational Speaker on the Road to Growth Podcast

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Lorna Watkinson. Prior to setting up her business, Lorna Watkinson worked at Procter and Gamble for nearly 20 years. She was based in Newcastle but worked with teams in London and Geneva so understands the challenges (and benefits) of a hybrid team working. In this new virtual and hybrid world of working this skill has never been more important as zoom fatigue becomes a reality and people's days are filled with back-to-back virtual meetings leaving no time to get the actual work done. Lorna also works with individuals, teams, and organizations that want to become more effective in this new world.

Lorna experienced how easily miscommunication can cause disruption but she has also experienced how it is possible to build very strong working relationships with people she never meets. She’s also passionate about using creativity to overcome challenges and she uses pottery painting as a tool in her workshops. You don’t need to see pottery painting as art or requiring artistic ability: it’s a vehicle for facilitating creative thinking to overcome challenges, with the added benefit of being a rewarding and absorbing activity for everyone.

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