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Jeremy Snider - Kansas City Real Estate Agent

Jeremy Snider - Kansas City Real Estate Agent

Show Notes

In this episode of the Road to Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Jeremy Snider. Known as “The Connector”, he provide REAL ESTATE SELLERS or BUYERS with the resources they need before, during and after their transaction. With a long career of service through sales (formerly in Radio), I use critical thinking, sales principles + attention to detail to focus on my clients to make sure they understand each step in the process of SELLING or BUYING A HOME. One of the most difficult aspects of selling or buying a home, is learning about the community and finding the right fit. I create COMMUNITY EVENTS to introduce you & to keep you engaged. Need an introduction? He can help with that! If you are looking for an AGENT who understands the power of FOLLOW UP AS PART OF THE PROCESS, let’s talk. Call me at 913-244-4424. When my client finds a home they like, I scrutinize the house & disclosures to help preclude any surprises at inspection or after closing, it’s a specialty of mine. It doesn’t stop there, once you have moved in, I keep in touch as a resource for you.

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