4S Ranch

4S Ranch: Country in Style: This quaint side of the freeway is home to Rancho Bernardo’s sister area 4S Ranch. It’s truly a village feel in the back hills of San Diego’s scenic residences. Oftentimes, 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo can be confused with one another, especially for newcomers to the area. But they couldn’t be more different. While Rancho Bernardo hosts classic-style homes and creative culinary businesses, 4S Ranch is home to businesses at the forefront of innovation, which has trickled down to their schools as well.

Grab a Bite at 4S Commons Town Center. Each neighborhood in San Diego has a gathering place, and for 4S Ranch that place would be the 4S Commons Town Center. But it’s more than just a market; the 4S Ranch Commons has everything resident families need, from a grocery store, to a pharmacy, hardware store, and a Karl Strauss Brewery! They even have restaurants featuring food from all corners of the world, along with some home cooking.

One of the most popular, and delicious, stops that residents rave about is Miguel’s Cocina. With it’s authentic Mexican food and fun atmosphere, it’s a great place for large parties to gather. Don’t forget to try their rich queso dip and tortilla chips.

The Pride of Del Norte High School. Did you know that 4S Ranch’s only high school was built in 2010? They’ve certainly come a long way, with students and faculty working together to put the school on the map despite being so young. They have a unique mascot too; it’s not just any bird, but a Nighthawk, a bird of prey. Thanks to the fantastic foundation that the first generation has left behind, incoming students and parents can expect a thriving community, where new challenges await. And in its youth, your teen could leave their mark on the school forever.

Corporate Roots in Business Parks. One of the newest additions to 4S Ranch’s academic community is the Design39Campus, for kindergarten through 8th grade students. While oddly named, it’s a revolutionary new kind of schooling, and families have been clamoring to send their children here since it opened in the fall. It’s been dubbed a “forward-thinking school,” introducing new teaching methods to help stimulate young students’ minds. For example, instead of classrooms, teachers use collaborative “pods” and more modern methods of teaching to keep students engaged. Even the campus itself has been designed to feel more open. It’ll be interesting to see what new teaching innovations will emerge from the school next.

Corporate Roots in Business Parks. Speaking of innovation, many residents may not realize the corporate giants that reside right in their backyard. 4S Ranch boasts some impressive business park, including homes for Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Northrop Grumman, and their newest resident, Petco’s headquarters. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that their employees work and live in 4S Ranch. With great community amenities and access to schools, who would want to live anywhere else?

4S Ranch Life Awaits You. Are you intrigued yet? 4S Ranch is another of San Diego’s younger, hidden gems, but is rising in popularity as more and more families are discovering its worth. Young families can take advantage of local amenities and great schools, while also being a convenient distance away to all other parts of San Diego. See for yourself what this land has to offer your family.

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